Don’t be afraid to give up the good and go for the GREAT!

Fixer Upper, Property Brothers, oh my gosh….. is everywhere! Why or why do they make it look so easy? My dream had always been to own a salon.  There was a darling green house that was located right off the main drag in East Grand Rapids-The Coiffeteria Salon.  I heard through one of my besties that… Continue reading Don’t be afraid to give up the good and go for the GREAT!

A Summer Makeover for Sara, of The GR Guide

By Melissa A few weeks ago, I was totally stoked when I was contacted by Sara Visser, who writes one of my favorite blogs, The GR Guide. Sara wanted to do a makeover session! So of course, I bounced around in my living room for a few minutes then calmly responded to Sara’s message with… Continue reading A Summer Makeover for Sara, of The GR Guide

A Summery Makeover for Kim Ray

 By Eve   My beautiful model Kim Ray wanted to do something different for summer, she had been light for some time and decided to change it up and go dark! We did an all over translucent dark chocolate shade to honor all of the dimension that she already had and added some super blonde… Continue reading A Summery Makeover for Kim Ray

Spring has Sprung

We are so excited to introduce the spring makeup collection from Aveda: Solstice Bloom!!  This collection includes four eyeshadow colors: Sun Pebble, Elderberry, Rare Lily, and Night Silk. Aveda is right on-trend with three of the shades in a matte finish. (Sun Pebble, Rare Lily, Night Silk).  We are so so so so SO SO… Continue reading Spring has Sprung

Winter Trends Photoshoot

This Fall, we had the amazing opportunity to partner with two local bloggers, Sara Visser of The GR Guide and Jill GG from Good Life (for less). We had a great afternoon updating their hair color and cuts, and talking makeup and fashion. For Sara (The GR Guide), our stylist, Melissa updated her highlights with a… Continue reading Winter Trends Photoshoot

What is Balayage??!!

Curious about this new coloring craze that you can’t pronounce? I’m here to give you the deets. Pronunciation: Bah-lee-yahge. Say it with me: Bah-lee-yahge. Definition: A french word meaning “to sweep”. It is also a confusing math term. We’re talking about hair though, not math. Ew. Connotation: Free-hand hair painting for an extremely blended look.… Continue reading What is Balayage??!!